Saturday, February 18, 2006

hmmm...february come again.

As usual Feb was a month that mostly every couple waiting for. For me nothing with this month. Zero....Zero as ZERO FEBRUARY...thats the meaning of ZERO FEBRUARY. Nothing to wait for, nothing to celebrate or it is not even exist.

ZERO FEBRUARY actually was a band that lean by 6 members which had their own ambitions and dreams. 5 of them want to be mechanical engineers and 1 of them to be civil engineer. There are 2 vocal, 1 basist, 2 guitars and a drummer. At first, they were so ambitious and give their 70% comitment from their live for ZERO FEBRUARY. They wrote their own lyrics, they compose their own materials, twice a week jamming sesion, 4 times a week sit back together and so on.

Live goes on. Motivation going to the lowest level, girls pop up in life, love growing in heart maximun level, pending works more than time, no more jam, no more new songs, no more chill out together, no more beat, no more sound of drum, no more sound of winging guitar. no more more...........

Now...every members have their own succesful life. most of them was a engineer. two of them still in pratical to be and civil and mech engineer and one of them still walking alone to get his own degree. alone with his own emo heart......

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